Quik - Austyn Gillette

Austyn is shredding the streets of LA. Great video, great skating. Austyn's speed is clearly what inspired the title. Mad speed!  Watch it in full size!
QUIK from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

Chris Miller - InnerViews

Wise words from Planet Earth founder Chris. -And looks like he had Zach when he was 16!


Keith Hufnagel - DVS skate more

Crazy part from Huf. I always enjoy watching him skate. Very inspiring, and looks like he's after enjoyable stuff rather than technical difficulty. Go fast & go big, float & flow -and enjoy!

It would be nice

Kind of cool. It's neat when there's some creativity paying homage to the love of the board in videos. Well done.
Wouldn't it be nice featuring Cenk Kulio─člu from Bandit on Vimeo.


It's the foundation of all tricks, it gives you flight. Fuck flips, go big and enjoy the flight.

Images from The Benjamins

Los originales de la Freestylissimo!

This is some of the most original skating and skate-videography I've seen in a very long time. Good job Kilian!